Finishing Services

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Our focus is on unique finishing projects. Ray & I love to transform your projects into treasured keepsakes like trays, speciality frames, boxes, and stand ups. We have over 15 years of finishing, woodworking, and surface painting & finishing experience, and are ready to handle your specialty finishing needs! We know how much love, and time, you’ve put into your project. Let us turn it into a modern heirloom.

We use only top quality materials and supplies. Tell us exactly what you want, or leave it to us to create something fresh & new. Quality materials & workmanship ensure great results and long lasting pieces of (mostly) functional art.

Check out a few of our favorite finishing projects in our Finishing Gallery HERE.

We’ll get your finished piece back to you as quickly as I can, but please allow a minimum of 6-8w eeks for most finishing so that I can give your project the focus and care it deserves. I’m happy to provide you with a more specific return date when I receive your project.

Call or text Janice @321-848-4041, or email for information, pricing, and scheduling.

Finishing submission guidelines are shown below, but they are not cast in stone. I may be able to take your project later than the dates below, depending on my workload. Please check with me before you send me your project!

Finishing Submission Deadlines

Valentine’s Day РDecember 15th
Mardi Gras – December 15th
Saint Patrick’s Day & Easter –  January 12th
Graduation – February 15th
Fourth of July – March 5th
Halloween – July 27th
Thanksgiving & Hanukkah – August 12th
Christmas – October 15th