Lora Lee Lizard Holiday Needlepoint


Lora Lee Lizard is a modern, fun needlepoint ornament.  Picture it as a hanging ornament, or as stand up Christmas decor.  Lora Lee is bright and colorful, and she is a lot of fun to stitch!

This modern Christmas design is painted on 18 count mono canvas. Overall design measures approximately 4″w x 5 1/2″h, with a minimum of 1 3/4″ of blank canvas on all sides.  I would be happy to create the same design on 14 count canvas, if you prefer.  Keep in mind that the overall size will change a bit.

I paint every canvas with great care and focus.  I stitch paint every canvas as well, to make stitching even easier for you.  A stitch painted canvas means you get the accuracy of a counted design, without the counting. With a stitch painted canvas, all color changes are clear and distinct (no gradual shading from one color to another) and perfectly fit the weave of the canvas.  Stitch painting takes a bit more time, but I think it’s worth it.