Modern Nativity Needlepoint Canvas Silent Night


Silent Night is an elegant, modern nativity needlepoint design. Create one as a perfect addition to your Christmas decor.  Silent Night can be finished as an ornament, tree topper, stand up, or framed piece.  Celebrate in rich, minimalist style with this modern nativity needlepoint delight.

Silent Night is available on 18ct mono canvas.  Minimum of 2″ of blank canvas on all sides.

I paint every canvas with great care and focus.  I stitch paint every canvas as well, to make stitching even easier for you.  A stitch painted canvas means you get the accuracy of a counted design, without the counting. With a stitch painted canvas, all color changes are clear and distinct (no gradual shading from one color to another) and perfectly fit the weave of the canvas.  Stitch painting takes a bit more time, but I think it’s worth it.