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DIY Home Decor Envelope Pillow Tutorial

diy home decor

Looking for easy DIY home decor ideas? Follow this easy DIY envelope pillow tutorial and make your own home accents!

Decorative pillows make such a difference in every room of the house.  Pillows that can be switched out easily are an added plus.  An envelope pillow cover is designed to be easily removed and used as a changeable decorative touch.  Use one pillow form (or an existing square pillow) and switch out covers depending on the season, your decor, or a whim.  Easily remove the cover for cleaning.  Follow these easy steps to create an envelope back for your next pillow project!

Measuring and Cutting

This tutorial is for a 14″ square pillow.  Here’s how to measure and cut for any size pillow:

  1. Measure length and width of your pillow (for example: 18″wide x 14″long)
  2. Add 1″ to the width to create 1/2″ seam allowance on each side (18″ + 1″ = 19″wide).
  3. Add 4″ to the length (14″ + 4″ = 18″ long)
    1. Divide this number by 2 (9″)
  4. Cut two fabric pieces 19″wide x 9″long
  5. Continue with Step 2 below


  1. Cut two pieces of selected fabric 15”w x 9”l
  2. Fold over 1/4” on one long edge of each piece and press, then fold over another 3/4” on the same edges and press.
  3. Stitch close to Inner Fold using a straight stitch.
  4. Measure 2” down on one piece and mark across.
  5. Place one piece over the other, aligning outside edge of top piece with marked line on bottom piece.
  6. Baste to hold pieces together.  I’ve used different patterns to help you see the pieces.
  7. I recommend attaching a few snaps or Velcro to the envelope opening.  This will help keep the pillow closed if you’re using a firmly stuffed pillow form or pillow.
  8. You are now ready to complete your pillow.

DIY home decor some more!

Now that you’ve made one envelope pillow cover, indulge your inner DIY home decor diva! Make covers for Christmas, Valentines Day, July 4th, and more.  They fold up to store easily, and make celebrating just a little more fun.

Speaking of holidays, our Love You the Most pillow cover design is a great Valentines idea. Make one for your sweetheart, or make a few in coordinating prints for a romantic touch in any room.  Make them modern and colorful, make them traditional, make them with boho style!  Just make them.  Purchase the Love You the Most pillow cover pattern HERE!

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Pillow Tutorial: Easy Bias Covered Cord

pillow tutorial bias cord

In this easy pillow tutorial, I’ll show you how to make your own bias covered cording.  Bias covered cording is SO much easier than most people think, and it’s really not scary at all!  Making your own DIY cording allows you to use matching or coordinating fabric to create the perfect accent.  Simply cut the bias strips, fold them around cord filler and stitch.

Fabric Calculation

For a 14″x14″ pillow you will need about 64″ of bias strips, so you’ll need about 5/8 yard of 42″ wide fabric and 1 7/8 yd of 3/8″ cotton piping filler cord. Follow the steps below to make covered cord and add it to a pillow top.  Add custom covered cord to any project – just measure around the piece and visit one of the many guides available online to calculate the yardage you need. Here’s one I like!

Pillow Tutorial

Prepping and Cutting

  1. Lay cording fabric wrong side up and flat on your work surface, selvage edges running vertically.  Fold one corner over on a diagonal to create a 45° angle.  (The ruler here just shows the correct angle)
  2. Press along the diagonal fold to crease the fabric.  This provides a guide line for cutting your strips.
  3. Open up fabric to see the ironed crease.  I’ve marked it here to make it easier for you to see.
  4. Cut 1 1/2” wide bias strips with a rotary cutter and quilter’s ruler, or draw parallel lines and cut with scissors.  (I’ve switched to a solid fabric for this step.)

    Stitching Strips

  5. Stitch the two strips together at a 45° angle to make the seam “disappear”.  Lay one strip on surface, right side up.  Lay second strip on top at a right angle, right side down.
  6. Use a ruler to mark a 45° line from corner to corner.  Pin and stitch strips together along the marked line, using a straight stitch.
  7. Trim seam to 1/4”.
  8. Press seam open.

    Cord construction

  9.  Center cord filler on top of strip.  Fold strip over firmly, matching raw edges.  Pin in place.  Stitch close to cord filler using a zipper foot and straight stitch, being careful not to catch cord filler.  You’ve just made custom bias cording!pillow tutorial bias cord

Putting it all together

  1. Lay pillow top face up on work surface.
  2.  To reduce bulk at seam line, pull back bias strip at starting edge.  Cut about 1″ off the end of cord filler.Pull bias strip back over, creating a flattened section at starting edge.
  3. Pull bias strip back over, creating a flattened section at starting edge.
  4. Pin covered cord to pillow top, raw edge to the outside, corded edge to the inside.  Pin in place. Leave about 1 1/2” free at starting edge.  Align starting edge with raw edge of pillow top.
  5. Clip into bias binding at each corner to help cording lay flat and curve sweetly around the corners, being careful not to clip into your stitching.
  6. Continue pinning cord to pillow top, leaving about 1 1/2″ at end point.  Stitch close to cord filler using straight stitch and zipper foot.

Create a simple, one-piece back pillow using the pillow top, or learn how to make an envelope-back pillow here.

I hope this pillow tutorial eased your mind about making bias covered cord! Now that you know how easy it is, add this custom finishing touch to all of your pillow projects.

My Love You the Most pillow cover design makes a great gift, and adds a romantic touch to any room. Make one for your sweetheart, or make a few in coordinating prints.  Make them modern and colorful, make them traditional, make them with boho style!  Just make them.  Purchase the Love You the Most pillow cover pattern HERE