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  • English Rose Needlepoint Stitch Graph

    English Rose Motif Stitch Graph

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    Share your favorites!This English Rose stitch has gotten so many views & likes on Instagram! Due to its popularity, I decided to share the stitch graph, and I hope you take a few minutes to try it out. I love creating creating needlepoint stitch guides, and stitch graphs. Give me an empty space on a […]

  • My Macular Hole Experience

    My Macular Hole Experience

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    Share your favorites! Prior to my experience, I kept pretty busy with work and family. I’m a designer/artist, trying to put more focus on art by exploring new techniques and mediums. Every Tuesday, I drove about an hour and a half with my mom (Mim) to take care of my granddaughter. It was great to […]

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  • in hot water

    In Hot Water – Awkward Mess to Costume Cool

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    Share your favorites!In early 2017, I designed In Hot Water for the sixth annual wearable art competition sponsored by the Museum of Art in Deland, FL.  It was one of three entries I had in the show, one of many “best of times, worst of times” I’ve had in my life.  The show itself was […]

  • wearable art

    Wearable Art – Going Down the Rabbit Hole

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    Share your favorites!Call it awkward, call it uncomfortable, call it a learning experience.  My first adventure into the world of wearable art competitions was all of these, and more.  It was exciting, new, and pretty embarrassing.  In the end, I came away with a better understanding of myself and what I need to do before […]