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Welcome to Janice Holden Designs, I’m so glad you’re here!

Location:  370 Kingston Rd, Satellite Beach, FL  32937

Phone:  321-848-4041                                       

Hours:  By appointment only.  Please call or text to set one up!

My focus is on needlepoint designs, and finishing services, but you’ll find a variety of topics based on my experience.  We offer quilting & applique patterns, as well as tutorials and lifestyle blog posts.

I love to design all kinds of things, and you’ll see that reflected on the site.  I’ve been creating original needlepoint designs for the past ten years, and am now focusing on that.  I’ve finished my own pieces for many years, and have finished many pieces for friends (and friends of friends) along the way.  In the past few years, finishing has picked up considerably, so I’ve decided to make it an official part of my business!  Check out The Gallery in the Finishing section to see some of my work!

On a personal note, I also enjoy designing and making costumes, wearable art, and art quilts.  You’ll see some of those pieces show up from time to time!

I am so blessed to be living on Florida’s beautiful Space Coast, sharing my life with Ray.  We have awesome children and grandchildren, and the best Moms in the world!

I hope Janice Holden Designs will help you find your own creativity.  I love my customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use my Contact Us page to let me know what you like, get help on your projects, or talk about collaboration.  I look forward to hearing from you!